Glorious Glads

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For a dramatic addition to your customers summer border garden, look no further than gladioli.

They are a tender bulb, meaning they must be lifted from the ground for winter but their height and grand array of colours combined with their ruffly flowers make them hard to beat.

No matter what colours your customer has chosen for their boarder, you’ll find a gladiolus to complement them.

Use White to achieve a peaceful, cool garden look with a feeling of spaciousness. (Blondie #82554)

Creamier shades of yellow (Limoncello #82647) can mark transitions from hot colours to cooler ones such as Blue (Blues #82639) or (White) Prosperity #84058.

Vibrant Yellow (Vladimir #82609) makes a lively highlight to rusty browns (Bucacco #82558).


Planting Tips for your customer:

  • Plant glads in clumps throughout the boarder
  • Use the shorter varieties for container plantings, to bring a splash of colour to their patio.
  • Because of their upright habit,  gladioli look best growing behind a softly mounding plants such as Moonbeam coreopsis (#EC36701), or lady’s mantle (#3573). Other companion plant could be lavender (#EC3158) or purple sage (#EC45899). Ornamental grasses can also soften gladioli’s stiff bearing.
  • For a cottage garden feel, mingle low growing varieties of gladioli with Shasta daisies (#EC43795) or a low growing shrub rose Rosa Drift Popcorn (#VHB89716).
  • Also Gladiolus makes an excellent cut flower and is a great choice for your customers cutting gardens

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