Burgon & Ball is a UK manufacturer of garden products that has been in existence since 1730. They are known for producing high quality garden tools that make gardening easier. Check out the products we regularily stock as well as the full catalogue.

Kneelo Kneeler

Burgon & Ball, Kneelo Pad

Kneelo Kneeler is perfect for gardening. Made with ultra-cushioning memory foam, these kneelers make gardening more comfortable when kneeling for long periods of time is necessary. They are waterproof and easy to clean. The fact that they come in a variety of colours makes these attractive kneelers easy to sell. See all available colours and displays on page 78 of the catatogue.

Kneelo Knee Pad

Burgon & Ball, Kneelo Knee Pad

Kneelo Knee Pads are a great option for customers who want flexibility of movement around their gardens while getting the same comfort as the Kneeler. These Knee Pads are durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Elastic material at key points flex as you move. Adjustable 'Hook & Loop' straps make these 'One size fits all'. Merchandising displays are compact, informative and easy to move. See all the colours and displays on page 80 of the catalogue.


Burgon & Ball enamelware

Burgon & Ball's sylish enamel storage tins are great for organizing the garden shed. There is an enamel tin for every need from garden tools, bird feed, garden seed, compost and much more. See complete listing starting on page 122 of he catalogue.