Fill out our credit application in order to receive payment terms of up to 30 days.

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Payment Terms:

All invoices are due and payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice unless special terms have been negotiated
and are indicated, in writing, on the invoice. The undersigned acknowledges that credit privileges, if granted, can be
withdrawn at any time for breach of terms.
All prices are in Canadian dollars, unless another currency is clearly specified in the original order, and FOB our warehouse
(Mississauga, ON) or point of distribution. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or money order. Sorry we do
not accept C.O.D. orders. A finance charge of 2% per month (24% per annum) is charged to all past due accounts.
In the event of a dispute arising on a portion of the merchandise shipped, the items NOT IN DISPUTE must be paid in full in
accordance with the terms stated above.
Complete terms and conditions regarding orders, shipping, guarantee and claims are printed in all our catalogues and
order forms. Copies are available upon request.