The Fall Landscape Flower Bulb program is designed specifically for Municipalities, Public Gardens and Landscapers. Our catalogue contains 250+ tried and true varieties, including popular varieties of Tulips and Daffodils. We have a large selection of specialty bulbs that will make your landscape designs stand out as unique. Our landscape program begins shipping in mid to late September. When you place your orders early in the year, we can ensure that you receive the bulb varieties you request. However, we do maintain a large stock of flower bulbs throughout the seasons. It there is a variety that you require that is not listed in our catalogue we are able to source it for you. Simply contact us to request a quote.

Premium Bulb Sizes

Landscape flower bulb

We offer our bulbs in a variety of different sizes, but overall we focus on bigger, premium size bulbs. The bigger the flower bulb is, the more superior the plant will be. The bulb sizes are noted in the catalogue in centimeters referring to the circumference of the bulb.

Packing and Delivery

Fall Landscape flower bulb, landscape bags

We are able to pack your flower bulb orders according to project. When you send us a PO per project you will receive your bulbs packed accordingly. This will save you both time and money, removing the need for you to sort your delivery. We pack our bulbs in mesh landscape bags with the bulb variety, size and number of bulbs printed on the bag. 

Production and Quality Control

Landcape Flower bulb, flower bulb production

Our goal is to deliver healthy, true-to-name and true size flower bulbs to our customers.

We guarantee:

  • The highest quality flower bulbs
  • Matchless flowering provided planting instructions are followed
  • Healthy bulbs upon delivery
  • Variety, colour an size match images in the catalogue