Delightful Blueberries

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Vanhof & Blokker supplies three great varieties of cold hardy blueberry plants that produce bountiful crops. They are a great option for your customers' edible gardens. Besides producing fruits these shrubs are great for planting as living fences because of the beautiful, bell-shaped flowers they produce in spring and their fiery foliage in fall. Blueberries are a favourite for many because of their health benefits and because they just taste so good! Order your blueberry plants for Spring 2018 today.

blueberry patriot
Blueberry 'Patriot'


'Patriot' is a bountiful variety with large berries with an outstanding, true blueberry flavour. Berries ripen earlier than most other varieties. Plentiful snow-white, bell-shaped flowers fill this shrub in spring and the foliage turns a brilliant orange-red in fall for added interest. 'Patriot is a self-pollinator, but crops can be maximized through cross-pollination with 2 or 3 other blueberry varieties.

blueberry blueray
Blueberry 'Bluecrop'


'Bluecrop' produces medium-size, all-purpose berries with a mild, sweet flavour. This variety produces bountifully for weeks the first fruits ripen. The flowers are a pinky-white, bell-shaped flowers and the foliage turns crimson in the fall. 'Bluecrop' is a mid-season variety that produces heavy yields and is disease resistant.

blueberry bluecrop
Blueberry 'Blueray'


'Blueray' produces the largest berries of all varieties. Ripening in July, these mid-season berries are firm and extra sweet. It produces pink bell-shaped flowers in spring and has crimsom foliage in fall.




4 - 6' / 122 - 183 cm

4 - 5' / 122 - 152 cm




5 - 6' / 152 - 183 cm

6 - 8' / 183 - 244 cm




5 - 6' / 152 - 183 cm

3 - 4' / 91 - 144 cm

Highly acidic, well-drained soil.