Silver and Gold Perennials

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silver and gold

Silver and Gold hues are not just for midwinter bling. They're equally valuable in summer. Consider adding silver and gold perennials to your garden. Spread the cheer all year.

perennial, starter plant, carex silver sceptre
Carex 'Silver Sceptre'


Glossy silvery-white and green blades form gracefully cascading 10" clumps. A solid sterling selection!

perennial, starter plant, artemisia silver brocade
Artemisia 'Silver Brocade' and 'Silver Mound'

(#EC32550 & #EC32301)

A bright foliar spot in any landscape from dawn's early light until twilight's last gleaming.

perennial, starter plant, miscanthus silberfeder
Miscanthus 'Silberfeder'


German for "silver feather", an apt description of its airy 7' plumes. Deep green leaves sport a shiny midrib for even more highlights.

perennial, starter plant, brunnera silver heart
Brunnera 'Silver Heart'


Brilliant! Solid silver leaves with green veins and picotee edging brighten the shady border. Just 6-12" high.

perennial, starter plant, emerald coast growers, arunda golden chain
Arundo 'Golden Chain'


In a genus know for giants, this one is scaled for normal gardens at 7'. Cascading green leaves are beautifully edged in gold.

perennial, starter plants, emerald coast growers, miscanthus gold bar
Miscanthus 'Gold Bar'


Downright dainty compared to its larger kin at just 3-5', so it is a natural for containers. But it packs a hefty punch. More gold bars than Fort Knox!

perennial, starter plant, emerald coast growers, rudbeckia american gold rush
Rudbeckia 'American Gold Rush'


Stop digging. You've hit the mother lode. Sturdy domes of rich green foliage studded with golden daisies. 16-22" high

perennial, starter plant, emerald coast growers, carex kaga nishiki
Carex 'Kaga Nishiki'

(Gold Fountains - #EC91085)

Aptly named. Bright green / gold blades form flowing masses. 12-16" high.

perennial, starter plant, emerald coast growers, delosperma golden wonder
Delosperma 'Golden Wonder'


Such a sublime succulent! Rich yellow petals and stamens with a small white eye, on creeping mats of juicy, bright green leaves.