Simple Pleasures Retail Flower Bulbs

Our Spring Simple Pleasures Retail Flower Bulb Program is uniquely designed for independent garden centers. Find a wide range of prepacked summer flowering bulbs like dahlias, gladiolus and other garden favourites in the catalogue. The 'Little Treasures' section of the catalogue has many unique varieties that are sure to inspire your customers.

Cappers & Bins
Simple Pleasures, flower bulbs, spring flowering, cappers and bins

Our uniquely designed bins and cappers will sell themselves. Their colour and shape jump right out at the consumer increasing selling potential.

Bin benefits:

  • Angled front for easy viewing
  • Features full size photograph of the product
  • Bulk bin boxes are supplied with full colour weatherproof plant stakes
  • Use for both bulk and packaged product displays to maintain a consistent appearance
  • Shelvable, stackable and/or can be merchandized on the patented Space Saver Racks
  • Reversible for other storage or display purposes

Capper benefits

  • Beautiful and stylish package design
  • Informative packaging that sells itself
  • Product usage symbols to guide the consumer
  • Detailed planting instructions on capper directs where, when and how to plant
  • Multi-lingual
  • Large sized cappers on all promotional packs</li
Display Systems
Display Rack, merchandising, spring flowering bulbs

Attractive displays can make a significant contribution to retail flower bulb sales. Simple Pleasures' Store Ready Displays have been designed to attract attention with top selling product. The benefits of these displays include:

  • Space-saving, easy to move around
  • Specially designed Simple Pleasures boxes attach easily and securely
  • Increase turn-over with these free-standing displays
  • Promote specific themes, e.g. 'Bees and Butterflies', 'Just Love That Fragrance, etc (see page 46 of the catalogue)
Point of Sale Material
simple pleasures, flower bulbs merchandising, header board

Make your shop floor even more attractive with beautiful banners and headers and inspire your customers to plant summer flowering bulbs! Our weather-proof banner is usable out of doors. We have a large selection of headers to use with the original Wooden Rack.

Here's why our header boards are so effective:

  • Headers inform and motive the customer to purchase
  • Point of Sale material has proven to increase sales
  • Helps you to promote a theme to feature promotions
  • Enables you to make a best-selling in-store presentation
Dutch Vintage
Simple Pleasures, Dutch Vintage, Spring flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

Dutch Vintage is all about simplicity and going back to basics...with a modern touch. It is a brand with an authentic look and original flower bulb blends of the best Dutch quality.

English Border Garden
English Border Gardens, summer flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

Consumers are always looking for inspiration when planting bulbs. The English Border Gardens provide them with exactly that. A range of border collections which will provide an amazing display of colourful flowers. Use Point of Sale provided to create a complete concept this spring.

Perfect Partners
Perfect Partners, summer flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

Perfect Partners contain two or more varieties of flower bulbs, all flowering at the same time, complimenting each other beautifully.

Special Value Packs
Special value packs, summer flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

Special Value packs are perfect for consumers who are looking for great value for their hard-earned money. They contain a large number of flower bulbs and the packaging itself is a real eye-catcher on the shelf.

Mammoth Bulk
simple pleasures flower bulbs, summer flowering bulbs

Top quality bulk in wooden crates. Each crate comes with a life-size poster of the variety attached to the inner lids which stand up in the slotted crate to make for a perfect display. 50 paper bags are included with the option to order more if required.

Inspiration Blends
simple pleasures flower bulbs, summer flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

Our beautiful Inspiration Blends&trades consist of colourful blends with extended bloom time. Different flowering time means over a month of perfect blooms.

Garden Collection
simple pleasures, garden collection, summer flowering bulbs, flower bulbs

A complete mix of beautiful summer flowering bulbs. Each box has its own styles and contains different varieties. These bulk packages are great for any garden or to present as a gift.